Short Story: Racine's Last Time

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Enough was enough. From her compound in Vacaville, California – Racine wanted to look pretty tonight when she saw Don Jr. and Juice for the last time. She’d had better relations with her father who insisted on helping her clean up her life. The nerve Brother for you to get on live TV talking about me for your momma like that. Racine had watched that News Conference with Don’s mother knowing the minute Don blasted her picture to the world this Brother was a dead man. Niceness aside - she was not the bitch that wanted to be fucked with like that. She was already a dead bitch for the kidnappings and the gun sales issues weren’t fully remedied. This Brother was the icing on the damn cake. She’d even do this shit considering her Brother Juice was …show more content…

After the Forensic Team left with their fee – Racine wanted some chicken and fries. With Juice tearing up her cell she shut the tele-phone down not being able to forget what this man did at her mother’s funeral and how he had brought home hostages to paint a kidnapping charge on her. Robert called his ass out her father had no problems ending the job. She drove up to Lakeshore had dinner and went home. Ten minutes later – Juice was sitting in the vault waiting for his lady. She didn’t ask him where he’d been or why. These were wasteful questions to ask a man who was about to die. She fucked him wet and hard. This was her man. He tossed her thin body up and down on that bed he sucked her big tits the way she liked it. She came again and knew unequivocally, she loved fucking Juice but he had to …show more content…

“I will give you a countdown of 10 seconds nigga. If you don’t kill your-self, I will do it for you.” A scared Juice accepted his own government issued weapon while another person moved up behind Juice knowing this has to look like a suicide; not a fake one that forensics would figure out. Juice was shaking violently as he placed the 45 caliber pistol up to his right temple and shot himself once. To the abductors once had to be enough because forensics would not expect a suicide victim to shoot themselves twice. It was a dramatic scene. Juice did not go immediately. It took several minutes for him to stop gagging before he

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