The Case Of Clifford Robert Olson

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In this paper I will be explaining the case of Clifford Robert Olson, who was arrested for the murder of 11 children in 1982.To start off, I will be giving you a quick summary about the case. Clifford Olson had a substantial criminal record. He was arrested on August 12, 1981, with the suspicion of attempts to abduct 2 girls. Just 13 days later on August 25th, he had been charged with the murder of Judy Kozma. Clifford had killed 11 children between the ages 12-18 and he refused to confess unless he got a deal. Of course, like any deal it was a very controversial one. Olson agreed to confess to the 11 murders and tell the authorities where the missing bodies were; but he wanted $10,000 for each victim paid into a trust for his wife and his…show more content…
If they did have this evidence, it would put both of them together before her murder. At the time, when Clifford was being accused of the murder of Korzma there was not enough evidence to convict him. However, Randy Ludlow came to the rescue when he went to the police. He came forward and said that he was in the car with both Clifford and Judy for about an hour. Randy revealed that he had been with Clifford on July 9th driving into New Westminster between 11 o’clock and noon. At this time Clifford noticed Judy exiting a phone booth outside of the Royal Columbian Hospital. Olson waved Judy down and from what Rudy observed he assumed the two knew each other well. Clifford recommended that Rudy and Judy drink beers while he drove her to her interview. Olson wanted to stop somewhere to get more beer since they arrived so early to her interview. Clifford continued to offer Judy more beer even after she refused he kept forcing her. Randy knew that what was happening was not right so when it was his turn to mix the drinks he just poured coke into Judy’s cup; making sure Clifford didn’t know. Before dropping Randy off at the local mall he offered Judy little green pills that he said “will straighten her out after the alcohol.” After being dropped off Randy thought that Olson went on to drop Judy off at her interview. By Rudy coming forward as an eyewitness he aided in the conviction of Clifford Olson, for the murder of Judy Kormza. On the other hand this was still
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