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Reactions to “Salvation” This short story by Langston Hughes left me confused. I still wonder if he was saved or not; whether “salvation” should be the title of the story or not. “I was saved from sin when I was going on thirteen. But not really saved.” (Salvation, 351). This is how the story begins, with a contradiction. I suppose this some what grabbed me in interest for a while, but I do have to admit that I never truly understood if Hughes was “saved” or not. It almost seemed to me that there were missing components, that this short story was maybe an excerpt from a larger story. I did not take the time to confirm this or not because I think if I knew for sure, it may take away from my true interpretation of this piece. I found…show more content…
He could have written this short story to help himself put it all into a perspective, or maybe to help illustrate a lesson readers. Either way, I feel Hughes was happy to one day not feel burdened by this particular event in his life. Reactions to “On Going Home” “… yet some nameless anxiety colored the emotional charges between me and the place that I came from.” (On Going Home, 620). I can read this story and be fine. In actuality not really give a care about it. Yet, when I chose to write my reaction to the short story On Going Home by Joan Didion, I can’t help but have a vivid emotional connection with at least one idea portrayed in the story, and that connection lies in the nostalgic anxiety that overwhelms me whenever I “go home”. I’ll take a moment to recognize some of the other aspects of what Didion touched on… things like her other “home”. The home where she lives with her husband and child, and is not only geographically different, but also the way she exists in that “home” is very different. So different in fact that her husband does not even enjoy how she becomes when they are at her childhood home. “My husband likes my family but is uneasy in their house, because once there I fall into their ways, which are difficult, oblique, deliberately inarticulate, not my husbands ways.” (On Going Home, 620). I think Didion is understanding of the way her husband reacts to these temporary changes, but wishes he would in turn be more understanding of why

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