Short Story : She?

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Where the fuck was she? Three days after opening himself up like had never had before to another living soul, and he'd not heard a damn word. For hours, he'd sat in complete silence and darkness, waiting for a reply and wondering how she'd respond to his confessions, and his were unlike any he'd ever experienced. A sense of loneliness, regret and hope, mingled with a touch of shame at his weakness, and when he hadn't received a reply by the time sun came up, the man wearily rose from his seat, and caught a couple of hours of fitful sleep. She'd reply the next day. However, she didn't, and that day was even longer than the previous evening. He'd stopped at the chemist purchase drops for his red eyes, then headed to another appointment, …show more content…

Could she not access the net at home, or was he just a little game for her to play with during the quiet graveyard hours. Ironically, had it not been his deliberate attempts to drive her away that had done so, but, instead, his display of vulnerability? A cavalcade of negative thoughts ran through his mind, and he needed a distraction to drive them away, to do something, so he logged back onto the PC. After accessing Hannah's Facebook page, he through every image and scanned her face, attempting to read her current state of mind. When that didn't help, he moved onto her student records, and finally, where he'd known he'd eventually end. Todd stared at her address on the screen, and wondered if it was time to make a house-call? However, when we should even be there? He'd left the television on, which continued to cover the events at the mall, and, as Todd had looked up, he'd seen reporters covering the story from outside the morgue, showing images of the victims as they'd been in life as the ambulances rolled in carrying their corpses. Somewhere, in that building, knew Todd Lowry also resided Hannah, and the place would a war-zone, with every hand required on deck. So is that where she was, and why she hadn't replied? She couldn't find one spare fucking minute to reply? Todd's impatience and frustration increased even more on the third day, and he was able to keep his burning anger, which was

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