Todd 's Original Culture And The Mainstream Culture

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1. Todd is facing challenges between both worlds, for his original culture and the mainstream culture are exceedingly different from one another. Todd’s original culture, Zuñi, is a culture in which one is considered “a private people.” They tend to display fewer emotions/feelings in public; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. Zuñi people show their love through actions such as “helping one another, by caring for the people we love when they need us.” Therefore, Todd expresses his love to his family by possibly helping the family cook or getting a job to support his family. Todd is used to keeping his feelings to himself and not showing his true self in public. Zuñi believes in self-control; thus, they are very …show more content…

It is a necessity to be able to understand the cultural background of someone else because society as a whole takes things from each other. For instance, through the influence of the development jobs and trading of resources, many similar beliefs are borrowed and practiced within different groups of people. This is very useful in a workplace, for one will know how to handle and approach another person with a different culture without coming off as disrespectful or ignorant in a negative aspect. This can be applied with a Christian approaching a Muslim or vice versa. Knowing this skill can allow them to have a successful conversation.
3. Having a “global awareness” can help one as a public speaker, for it allows the speaker to be familiar with what’s going on in the world. With this awareness, the speaker is able to connect his speeches to real-life crisis/issues that are currently happening today. His audience may feel truly affected in certain issues in the world today such as Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter has black family members that may have lost their lives due to unlawful killing from the police. Thus, this caused the family to become very emotional when hearing about these tragic events. Provided that the public speaker speaks about motivation from this unfortunate event, then the speaker will be able to get the audience’s attention. With this attention, the audience will

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