Short Story: The Door Opened

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There once was a girl named Amanda. She used to live in New York City, but then her mom and dad lost their jobs. Amanda kinda got in trouble. There was this door she found in her attic and her parents told her not to open it but she did. The only words that she could hear that came out of the door, was that there was going to be a war. Amanda has never forgotten those words so her parents told her they had to move. She moved to Florida, She was so sad to leave all her friends behind She begged her mom to stay but her mom wanted her to come with them Amanda did not have a choice, she missed a little school when she moved. The day came when she had to go to her new school. She woke up in the morning, not happy to go. When she got there, she soon found one friend a boy named jay one enemy, Christine Jay was there in the doorway waiting, for He heard there was going to be a new student. He wanted to make them welcome, but his ex-girlfriend Christine was jealous. Christine noticed jay being nice to a girl who he barely knew when Amanda walked in. She was very surprised to have a friend already, but Jay was a popular guy and knew how to make people welcome. Amanda gained many friends too- she even tried out for cheerleading that night. She was a really good cheerleader, for she had done it at her other school. She already had a lot of friends that would be in cheerleading with her, so that night she stayed after and tried out, she got it and so did the other girls and they
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