Short Story : The King And The God

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The king and the god stare one another down. One stands well over a foot taller than the other but a great power flows from the petite combatant. Her rage is tangible, pressing upon Selison, heavy and strong. He keeps his breathing as steady as possible, staring down that mighty weapon with only his bare hands would shake even the most savage of combatants. He readies himself when Kasol takes a deep breath. She disappears in a flash of speed. Selison flips backward over Kasol as she appears behind him and swings her weapon. When he lands she is gone once more. He looks around at the dense forest for a clue as to her whereabouts. With a soft crunch behind him, he manages to evade another strike by rolling as she darts out of the trees and …show more content…

She raises the blade in front of herself to block the kick and then pushes back. Selison uses the force to leap away. Kasol grabs one of his ankles and throws him to the ground. With a roar, she brings the blade down on Selison. He retracts his talons and puts his fists against the blade. His skin splits down to his talons. Through the blood and strain on his muscles, Selison keeps the blade at bay. Selison’s bones creak and groan under the incredible force. His muscles burn as every fiber in his being screams. He clenches his jaw and pushes back. Kasol slams her foot into his stomach causing him to gasp. She stands over top of him and presses down more. The two of them growl at each other as they push and vie for position. Neither one yields. Selison twists his torso, causing his bleeding fingers to slide over the blade, and sweeps Kasol’s legs. She falls to the ground as Selison gets up onto one knee. He extends his talons and thrusts them at her. Right when he begins to puncture her side, Kasol rolls in mid-air and raises her weapon. Selison tries to hit Kasol as the blade passes in front of him. He barely manages to scrape her side before she lands on the ground and rolls away. Slamming the weapon into the ground she hoists herself up to stand on top of the pommel. With the scythe standing straight up and down, Kasol looks down on Selison intently. Selison, breathing heavily, replies in kind by staring at her but his expression is not as angry. His

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