Short Story : ' The Maid '

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One of my maids had come in to see if I would come out of bed today but I was not feeling like it. She frowned at me and said “It been two weeks since the funeral Amelia you cannot stay in here forever.” The maid had left me looking frustrated at my choices. My mother funeral was beautiful. So many of her friends came to see her and said so many beautiful things. I could barely get the words out with bursting into a million tears. I just kept thinking about how young and beautiful she is. If only she was still here she would tell me something to make me feel better. I decided to curl up even tighter in my sheet grasping them and never wanting to let go. I heard a knock at my door. The maid shouted at me, “Emmett’s here do you want me to let him in?” I looked at myself in the mirror a shell of what used to be a full girl. My hair was knotted up and I haven’t showered in at least a couple days. I really could care less so I retreated to my bed and told her to invite him in. Emmett brought me my favorite comedy movie and some snacks. Unlike the maid he did not try to force me out but instead he made me more confortable where I am. He went over to the blinds and opened them up giving me view of the garden. It was filled with roses they had finally bloomed. I had been so busy the last couple of month I never even noticed. The he opened the doors leading out to my balcony and step outside talking a breath of fresh air. He looked over at me and said jokingly “Now it will smell
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