Short Story: The New Girl

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As Elle sat on the small school bus she wondered what her first day at another new school was going to be like. She had been moved around quite a bit over the last few years because of her mum’s job but every new school was different and she always felt nervous. When the bus pulled up outside the school all the kids rushed to get off. Elle found herself being one of the last to get off as well as another girl who seemed to be cautiously watching Elle as if she would suddenly turn into some horrible creature. After signing in at the small reception desk and successfully finding her locker Elle arrived at her first class on time. The nervous butterflies fluttering in her stomach had turned into huge moths thumping around inside of her. A young looking teacher with long, curly hair walked into the class room. She introduced herself as Ms. Loral and then introduced Elle to the rest of the class. They all smiled up at her except for the same girl who was eyeing her off on the bus. The first lessons seemed to go quickly. When the recess bell rang everyone headed outside. As Elle walked out she was immediately waved over to a table. The people who had already filled the seats shuffled across to make room for her. As they all munched on their food they asked Elle a bunch of questions about her life and her family. While answering the questions and eating, Elle noticed the girl who seemed to have a problem with her was staring over from another table. Elle turned to the girl beside
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