Short Story : ' Village Of Sleepy Hollow '

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A crow sitting on a sign that reads, “Village of Sleepy Hollow.” Looking down the path of gravel, a body like figure is approaching my direction. Walking through the thick fog, a gust of wind hits me, sending chills down my spine.

Walking through the thick, Ice like fog, a man and his horse are off in the distance. The man holding a pumpkin, the turns around. It was the Headless Horseman! Legends say his head was chopped of by a cannon, and each night, he seeks revenge for his head. He starts the search at sundown, then he is back in his grave before sunrise of the next morning. The pain and emotions he must go through. Yet, what is there that has more pain than having your head chopped off?

He then bolts off on his horse, heading in
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What was it he was actually looking for?

As we approach the town of Sleepy Hollow, we get off the horse and talk a little.
“So what was it again you say you were looking for in the trails?”
“I was looking for my compass, i had dropped it after i was chased by a man and his horse. The first time i was chased I got away, but realized i had lost it, so i went back for it and was chased again by him.”
“You do know who it was, right?”
“No i do not, I am actually not from around here.”
“The man you were being chased by was the Headless Horseman.” After a good talk, we go our separate ways again. As a kid, my mother would always read me these books, about a man and his son. Each night, the father would go out and seek to find the Headless Horseman, his son would soon tag along with him once he got older.
But soon enough the, the father got sick and could not continue the hunt any further. So the son took over his place. I never did get to finish that story so i never knew how it ended, whether it was happy or sad. After we got done talking, the young man turned out to be older than what I expected, and from his story he told me about himself, he sounds exactly like the kid from the story. Yet he never told me that he was seeking for the Headless Horseman, he only told me his dad would.

Further into my research on this guy, it turns out that he was the character from the story. The deeper and deeper i got into the research it turns
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