Shortage Of Security Professionals : The President Of The Usa And The Department Of Homeland Security Essay

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Shortage of security professionals
The President of the USA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recognize October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). The group’s purpose is to focus on increasing awareness on cyber security as well as consumer and enterprise security practices. So it should be no surprise that recent cybersecurity threats in previous weeks provided reality checks for businesses along with the consumer sector that cannot be ignored. DDoS attacks are growing at an alarming rate, scale, scope, and sophistication. Whereas, recent news in topics such as Wiki Leaks latest dumps is becoming the new social norm and more and more sectors are being hit with the ransomware epidemic; a look into the practices of identity and access management is a must for security to be effective. Security breaches by criminal attackers need to stop! It is safe to assume, these attacks have placed protecting information on networks that hold intellectual property and private information for business and consumer sectors as a number one priority. However, the reality is, we have a shortage of skilled security professionals. Moreover, the profession is male dominant. Therefore, we need to understand why there is such a high shortage in skilled security professionals, why there are so few women in the field and what can be done to improve the number of women that enter the InfoSec as a career.
Technology demands
A driving force in technology and the main reason
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