Should A Man Be The Provider? Essay

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Should a Man Be the Provider in a Relationship? Sex inequality has always been around since the early 1900’s. Men have been perceived as being the dominant gender since the beginning of time. women’s role has become even more significant throughout history. In the Middle East, Arabic women played a higher role than they used to back in the early 1900’s. Provider is defined as “A leading provider of personal financial services,” it does not require a male. Men are grown into a belief that he is superior and more dominant than that of the opposite sex. The question that I want to propose is whether it is true. Is the male the dominant sex? Do women work as hard as men to provide financial services for their household? That and many questions will be asked as I find the answers. The role of a man WAS to work and the money that he makes will go straight to the household weather it’s for the children’s tuition or for the groceries. The role of the women WAS to stay at home, cook, and look after the children. People in todays society has always associated money with power. The person in the relationship who brings home the money has the power. People would think that the man would make the final decision on all the household matters because he makes all the money. People would also think that the work place is not equal. The big bosses of majority of the large corporations are all men. But that wasn’t true at all. hearing that made me do some research on women in the labor

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