Womens Rights in the Workplace Essay example

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Brittany Dorris
Mr. Dean Ford
Eng. 101
04 October 2010
A Wife, a Mom, and a Worker Women fought very hard for their rights in the workplace. Some of them, including Susan B Anthony, went above and beyond the norm. Yet, today our rights are still not the same as a man’s. At one point women weren’t allowed to work at all, and today they are allowed to have jobs while still being home makers. Although improvements have been made, there are still several dilemmas that need to be addressed. A women earns less than a man when doing the same work, and that is extremely unfair. Another issue in the workplace is that men underestimate women due to lack of strength and discrimination. There are also the issues of pregnancy and sexual
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Sadly, she is still paid less than the men at her job. If she is truly one of the best employees then she should be given a raise instead of being awarded less cash. It is illegal to not hire someone based on their race, yet it is legal to pay a woman less due to her sex. It should be clear to everyone that women are treated poorly and unfairly in the workplace everyday. Another stereotypical belief is that women aren’t as intelligent as men. If this were true, then the female generations of our past would not have come as far as they have today in the workplace. There are women involved in politics, the medical field, and education. If men were truly more intelligent, then women would not be capable of being successful in those fields. Linda Tapp, president of Crown Safety in Cherry Hill, and a very successful female, states that “gender discrimination is still live and well. No matter how much we like to think things have changed, there are more than a few people out there who think a woman can still not do the same jobs a man can do”(Eglash). In my own experience, I have learned that female teachers and doctors do an equally good job as males in those fields. A woman is fully capable of doing a job that requires high intellect, just as a man is. I believe that it is ridiculous and unjustified for a man to treat a woman at work poorly because he believes that men are more
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