Should Abortion Be Legal?

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The struggle between knowing what is right and wrong when speaking about abortion is one that has been controversial for quite a long time. What gives someone the right to say if abortion should legal, while telling the other person there doing the wrong thing with their lives. The personal choice is being taken away from people and is largely an argument based on factors such as a person’s social wellbeing and religious background (BOLCE, L). Along with this “Factors other than social class and background and religiosity have been identified to be important in the structuring of opinion towards abortion, including political ideology, sex role orientation, and personal morality.” (BOLCE ,L) . Abortion is an important sociological issue …show more content…

With many of conferences and marches held all around the world every day, yet there has been no change for the better within society. When researching how these people interact we can gain a greater understanding on how society needs to grow and change to work better together, with less confrontation. Prior research shows that race does have a significant impact on the opinion towards legal abortion. Studies done on African Americans portrayed by “Combs and Welch, found blacks to be significantly less supportive of abortion than whites” (BOLCE, L), this was not only a case of race, but the different demographic factors applied as well. Those located within a city rather than a rural area would also have a different overall outlook at different societal issues. Living in a small community creates little room for diversity and a change in thoughts, while being located within a city allows for several stances towards sociological issues such as abortion. Such findings show that “contemporary societies are being shaped by class and cultural conflicts” ( Tamney, J). More race diversity happens within larger populated areas showing greater teachings on others life-styles need to be explored more within school systems. Allowing for children to grow up having a mindset that cultural diversity and different opinions are reasonable for creating a structural society with less conflict (Banks, 1987). There should be no judgement towards anyone for having

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