Should Adoption Be Colour Blind? Essay

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Children from ethnic minority backgrounds take (on average) three times longer to be adopted than children from white backgrounds. Is this because families only want white children? No, this is completely untrue. Social workers prevent white families or couples from adopting children that are from a different race. Is this because the families are incapable of taking care of a child? Once again, this is fallacious. Social workers wait for a “perfect-match” (matching a black child to a black family, for example) even if this means that the child is never adopted. The Revised Adoption Guidance, which came into effect on 1 April 2011, said that barring a family from adopting a child from a different ethnic background than their own is …show more content…

Clearly, this will cause more problems than it will solve them.

Just as a social worker struggled with the concept of interracial adoption, a Doctor Perlita Harris also was confounded with the notion. Research was carried out by the “scholar” based on the experiences of 57 transracially adopted people, for a book entitled, “In Search of Belonging: Reflections by transracially adopted people”. She spouts, “Too many transracially adopted adults report feeling alienated, displaced and disconnected from their community of origin”. Oh well, I suppose it is better for a black child to grow up thinking nobody loves them because of their race. Doctor Perlita obviously thinks that a child growing up in a care home, and then becoming a bitter adult, is a good thing. Ridiculous. The government’s ambition is clearly concentrating at providing for white parents. If black families wanted to adopt white children, it would be amusing to see what the government’s response would be. Our Education Secretary, Michael Gove, says “What I do find difficult to accept is that we’ve created over time a web of rules that mean that we are not always putting the interests of children first.” Tim Loughton, Children’s Minister, announced in last

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