Should American Prisons Be Humane? Essay

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The question of whether American Prisons are humane is a difficult question to address. There are a lot of factors involved in understanding this issue. In order to be humane, the prison system needs to show some form of compassion and attempt to implement methods for rehabilitation, rather than focusing on punishment on top of ostracism. Being humane goes beyond how the prisoners are treated within the walls, it requires a level of benevolence after someone is released. The first aspect that will be looked at is how prison and prisoners are viewed in the public eye. This is needed because it offers insight into how the treatment of prisoners comes into effect. The public opinion is heavily dictated on what the see from released prisoners. This opinion can be formed by first hand experience; knowing someone who has been arrested and seeing how they are after the fact. Prison changes how a relationship can function, and this carries through after the release. My closest friend was in prison for over a year, and he was able to tell me how he was treated while inside. He wished to remain unnamed. After he was released from prison he tried to get a job and carry on with his life. He said “I had years of work experience as a manager and even with my case being reviewed i still couldn’t find anything. As soon as i told any interviewer I had be in prison, their response to me changed and they got tense” (personal communication, November, 2016). He looked for months and he was
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