Should Apple Be Able Have Ability Access User 's Phone?

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Should Apple be able have the ability to access user’s phone?
Wales Merilien
Mr Wilson
English 4

(1) Apple shouldn’t have the ability to access user’s phones because of the invasion of privacy, the limitations & precautions that would be created for the user, and the sense of embarrassment to have complete strangers being able to view all your personal information. Apples terms and agreements are unfair to users because you don’t have no ultimatum especially when it comes too updating your phone they have access to your apps , pictures and other private things that you really can’t deny. Other invaders can’t access but apple People’s distress over the privacy of their communications has never been smaller. Whether the …show more content…

Up until recently, agents of the government could generally file requests for court orders that, if approved, compel the companies to provide the requested information. Congress in the 1990s passed the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, to facilitate private-sector cooperation with law enforcement. This act required telecommunications companies to configure their systems in a way that would enable them to effectively respond to court orders. Five Simple Things Companies Should Do to Protect Their Computer Systems Apples’ Weakest Online Security Link: Their Encryption Code How to Get People to Take their policy Security More Seriously Encryption Uncoded: A Consumers’ Guide
Quiz On Data Privicy But apples predated email, cloud storage and social-media platforms. Officials now have to cope with situations and technologies that the law did not anticipate. Moreover, recent congressional proposals, such as the Secure Data Act, threaten to prohibit the government from requiring that companies design or modify communications systems or products to facilitate government requests for data.
Driven by increased concerns about government surveillance and consumer privacy, the technology industry has accelerated the deployment of advanced encryption technology for consumers and businesses. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has said that his company won’t even be able to comply with court subpoenas involving its iMessage

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