Should Baby Need A Diaper?

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When babies start to cry, parents tend to resort straight to the bottle or breast to soothe baby. Before feeding the crying newborn, ask yourself these questions; is the baby over tired, does baby need to burp, does baby need a diaper change, is baby uncomfortable? My goal is to teach the new mother of a baby girl different approaches and techniques to soothing a crying baby. I will be demonstrating some of the techniques right here in her hospital room. Mother and father are English speaking African American’s. The mother has gotten her prenatal care through the local clinic. Patients of this clinic are to have their babies delivered by the residents of the facility. The knowledge of how to soothe a baby is needed in almost any expectant …show more content…

There is a very common misconception that if the baby is forcefully kept awake for longer periods throughout the day that they will sleep better at night. That by keeping the baby awake it will help them sleep longer once they do fall asleep. This in fact hinders their sleep quality and pattern. It makes for a fussy baby that is overtired. When babies get overtired they do not know how to function. Sleep is a natural process and when they are not allowed to follow through on a natural and needed process for function they become irritated and fussy. Allow babies to take their naps uninterrupted, make sure you help baby understand when it is daytime and when it is night time. A way to do this is by ensuring that they are getting sufficient amount of light during the day and a dimmer or darker environment at night. Is baby overstimulated? Babies can become over stimulated very quickly. Common causes are televisions, music, too much handling, too much movement, loud conversations, or being over tired. Keep in mind they spent approximately 9 months in the womb and had none of these modes of stimuli affecting their environment before. This is all new to them and they need help adjusting to the changes. Ways to help soothe a baby that is overstimulated is by swaddling, hold very still in place, turn lights down, and turn off television. Place your hand on

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