Should Backpacks Be Allowed In Schools Research Paper

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Lockers: For the Better
Would you like carrying around twenty pounds each day on your back for multiple hours? Students in schools all over have backpacks that weigh 10-30 pounds. The weight of these bags cause children’s backs to hurt by the end of the day and some end up with permanent damage. Students have heavy textbooks, stolen valuables, and sports bags that all could be put in a locker. Lockers could ease pain, prevent stealing, and help keep kids organized.
A lot of students come home and complaining about the weight of their backpack and how much they have to keep in it. Often students have to carry at least one or two textbooks in their backpacks and commonly heavy binders and notebooks. Many high schools offer sports lockers, but the other non-athletic students and the middle schools are ignored. The backpacks in Junior High are equivalent in weight to backpacks in high school and occasionally heavier. The strain backpacks put on your spine is terrible. Opposers will argue that schools are slowly switching over to technology, but for the time being students have immensely heavy bags and need some relief. Children out here are suffering, would you want that for your children?
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Backpacks are spread out around many campuses with laptops, phones, ipods, and other electronics ready to be stolen because students don't have a secure place to keep their backpacks. Lockers are a great way to bring down theft in schools, important items are kept locked away and students can be more relaxed. 55% of phones stolen each year are from schools, some are stolen from lockers, but a lot of school lockers don't have locks. If all lockers had combination locks there shouldn’t be a problem. You don't want to lose your precious phone and spend hundreds on a new one, neither do these
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