Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Amateurism vs. Professionalism Many individuals are for college athletes being paid, but there is plenty of information leading as to why college athletes should not get paid. College football is not about the players, but about the game. Many will say it is redundant that education is the prize, but is it really? Can universities pay college athletes and still be sure that they are not messing with the intellectual purpose of the athletes? This debate is one that has been going on for as long as anyone can remember, even though there is never an answer as to why and why not. Although many people agree that the NCAA, also known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, players should get paid, Pasnanski points out all the advantages that college athletes receive that they do not realize. Pasnanski exclaims that all college athletes receive free tuition, college and board, amazing facilities to train in, the best doctors, and free traveling around the world.(3) If college athletes are being paid for throwing a ball, then why are straight A, 4.0 grade point average students not receiving an income? Why is education not the key to being successful in life anymore? “If education is expensive, try ignorance.”(Johnson 1) Families’ everyday wonder how they are going to pay for their kid’s college tuition, which could be tens of thousands of dollars. College athletes do not see where they are making the profit. The enormous amount of revenue created from both

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