Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Before, college athletics was a stepping stone towards the athletes professional future. Now in the 21st century, it is a lucrative business. D-I college athletics is the majority of income for major universities. They collect money from ticket sales, merchandise, T.V. contracts, etc. The athletes, however, receive a scholarship and not much more. Even though receiving a college education is something most people would not complain about, when these athletes practice longer than the average American work week and don 't receive money to sustain themselves, it is time for a change. Athletes dedicate their lives to a sport and train hard to make it big. There has been a lot of controversy whether or not student athletes should be paid, and …show more content…

The top-notch athletes produce a plethora of money and popularity for the school, which exceeds the cost the school pays. Schools can sell marketing items with a players name and use their popularity for people to buy. On average a full D-I scholarship is $25,000 per year” (Hartnett). Now even though this may seem like a lot most athletes don’t spend all four years at a school; there are injuries, transfers, rules and regulation violations, etc. Yet the scholarship only covers the general basics: thousands of dollars in mystery fees, housing, tuition, a low cost meal plan, and a few hundred dollar textbooks.The scholarship is not money in the players pocket, athletes are usually broke. “The NCAA currently produces nearly $11 billion in annual revenue from college sports” (Edelman). This amount exceeds the revenues of the NBA and NHL. And just the University of Alabama alone reported $143 million in athletic revenues, that is more than all NHL teams and 25 of 30 NBA teams. But with all this money generated by the athletic programs, what do the actual players who make the money receive? Nothing. “The annual economic worth of an average football player is $435,000 and worth of an average men’s basketball player is $587,000” (Kruckemeyer). If just each athlete was paid $2,000 over the semester, they would have a little spending cash, and an opportunity to manage their own money. When the NCAA was created paying coaches was frowned upon, but now they receive millions.

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