Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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The NCAA makes an average of almost 1 billion dollars per year, there has been a huge discussion and controversy going on about whether or not college athletes should get paid or not. There have been numerous cases where student’s athletes have had consequences brought upon them because they have taken improper benefits from booster or even their own coaches. The NCAA makes plenty of money off these athletes from sporting events to jersey sales. College athletes are expected to miss numerous amounts of class time do to the nationally televised games that bring in revenue. I also believe if paid there will be a huge decrease in athletes accepting improper benefits from booster and other. For these reasons that I have listen this is why I think they should get paid.
The NCAA makes well over a million dollars from just March madness every year. This is just one major sporting event that the NCAA provides this does not include the money they make up the college football playoffs, and other major sports. The NCAA has signed a six billion dollar deal giving its rights to televise the men’s basketball championship. The NCCA also makes millions off of jersey from the particular individual amateur athlete. Now with all this money the NCAA makes none of the money being made off the athlete goes back to them. In fact the money being made doesn’t always go back to the classroom, so where is it going to?
In 2014 for the college football championship which included Florida State and…

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