Should College Tuition Be Free?

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The critical challenge within in today’s society is that college tuition should be free or if not free, more affordable for all students. Certainly, higher education should not be considered a luxury where only the wealthy could afford, but an opportunity for all caste systems. It must be an accessible and affordable opportunity for all students in order for them to invest in their education. Higher education is important because it provides more careers to choose from than the careers offered without having a college degree. Ultimately, the issue here is whether it is right to make college tuition more affordable for the students.
B. POSSIBLE OUTCOMES One point of view is the strengthening of community colleges. In order to accomplish this the “Obama Administration has called for a new partnership with states to ensure that the first two years of community college are free for responsible students, whether they are completing the first half of a bachelor’s degree or earning skills to go directly into the workforce” (The White House, 2015). Also, the strengthening of community colleges is important because they are the gateways to economic prosperity for the American people. For instance, “Each year, over 1,100 community colleges provide students and workers with critical skills” (The White House, 2015). Therefore, it is the responsibility of the federal government, states, colleges, and universities to make higher education affordable for families and students. Moreover,

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