Should Corporations Be Allowed On The Government?

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Alon Schwarz
Mrs. Lui-Grossman
English 11- Period 2
26 January 2015
Should Corporations Be Allowed to Influence the Government? Democracy (n) - “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives” (Merriam-Webster, 228). This is the textbook definition of the type of government Americans are led to believe that they have. There is much evidence, however, that states otherwise. To argue that the United States is a pure democracy would be totally irrational due to the ever increasing proof that contradicts the very definition of democracy of which this country is built on. The largest factor affecting the deterioration of democracy is corruption of government officials, and said corruption is perpetrated on the most part by corporations. Corporations have far too much influence on the direction of campaigns, perhaps more than that of the people. Once they put a candidate in office, they can gently push the passage of laws that benefit them through the legislative system. This can be viewed through many angles, such as campaign funding, donations, or just outright bribery. This brings up another question: Should such acts be tolerated? If white-collar crimes committed by individuals are heavily persecuted, shouldn’t like crimes committed by large corporations be persecuted in the same way, if not in a more astute fashion? The answer to both of these questions boils down to the same fact- Corporate
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