Should E Cigarettes Be Regulated?

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In 2003 E-cigarettes were invented by Lik Hon in China and in just three short years they exploded worldwide (Hajek et al. 1). This topic is important because E-Cigarettes are sweeping the globe by providing millions of users a vapor, nicotine delivering device. Not only are they bringing in a new subculture called “vaping”, but also many questions on how they should be regulated (Gardiner 1). The users of E-cigarettes are widespread and can not be pinpointed to just one age, race, or even country, the users are everywhere. According to Etter and Bullen some users use e-cigarettes to help them quit traditional cigarettes and others use them to complement their tobacco use. However the greatest rise of e-cigarette use has come from adolescence, majority being teenagers who are not tobacco users (Etter and Bullen). According to Hajek, these science fictions looking devices, are used by heating a mix of flavors, other compounds, and most importantly nicotine to provide the user nicotine without tobacco (Hajek et al. 1). E-cigarettes run on battery power and the typical e-cigarette has as a mouthpiece, where the liquid is held and where the smoker inhales from, and an atomizer, which heats the liquid and turns it into vapor (Johnson and Pennington 612).
My Claims for this paper are that e-cigarette users are increasing, there are health risks that come with e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes can be used as a cessation device, e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional

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