Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

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Meriam Webster defines Euthanasia as “the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of the hopelessly sick or injured individual (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.” This mercy killing is often referred as an easy and painless death. Euthanasia can be done in two ways, either from a request of a dying patient or that person’s legal representative. Euthanasia is defined in different terms depending on the permission of the patient. When this is done it with permission it is known as voluntary Euthanasia. Active or positive Euthanasia is when someone takes deliberate action to cause a death. Currently Euthanasia is not allowed by law to be practiced on people. Doctors can make a…show more content…
163 out of 273 doctors have agreed to procedures which would hasten the patient’s death. In another survey, 119 out of 124 doctors have taken the responsibility to bring about the patient who had asked to have euthanasia. Following that survey, 276 doctors have prepared to withdraw or withhold a treatment consciously knowing that the procedure would prolong the patient’s life. Physician assisted death provides the patient with an ultimatum that makes death with dignity a real option. Patients escaping death by suicide are seen as cowardly for taking away their own life however, euthanasia provides them with a dignified manner to escape pain. The family and the patient should realize there is a financial imperative that will save the patient money which benefits the physician and the patient. For instance drugs to aid in speedy death range from under $100 likewise, treating the patient on a ventilator or surgeries are far more expensive. Physicians believe it saves money in the long-term and provides them with more time to treat other patients. Unitarian Universalist believe that life can be compromised when a person decides that when the inevitable happens and there is no chance of living their normal lifestyle; that they can take the proper action to end the life of the human in dignity.
Catholics believe life is a sacred gift from God that is to be cherished and respected. Every human being is
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