Should Football Players Be Banned?

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American football, a sport where thousands of people gather to watch 22 men out on a field to play a tough, physical game that requires power, strength, speed, and collisions only a football player can survive. Rain or shine, hail or sleet, day or night there will be a game. No matter what mother nature decides football players will be out on that field playing the sport they love and fans will have the excitement as a dog has for its owner when returns home. Football is easily the only sport that can grab your attention for the entire three hours of the game. Weather it is a play that was played, a call that a ref made, the half time show, or even the commercials that are shown it will always have your attention. Football has even…show more content…
In this case, Rick has experienced several of the same injury severally each time and goes through a hard time to keep playing the only thing he has at the time, football. In this essay it will first provide historical context about why John Grisham wrote the book and the sports played in Italy. This essay then will provide a brief summary of the book Playing for Pizza written by John Grisham. Finally, this essay will then analyze character Rick in Playing for Pizza, in order to support the idea when all else fails never give up. Historical and Cultural Context John Grisham, the author of Playing for Pizza as well as 20 other books became fascinated about Italian guys who love to play American football. While he was doing research on the book called The broker he finds out that Italians love to put pads on and beat each other up in a game once a week (Hattori). As the title states “Playing for Pizza” is exactly what Italians do. They play for the love of the game and get rewarder pizza and beer after practices and games. However, the first and second string quarterback and the coaches are American. They are paid in very small amounts of money, very different from the NFL. What is very impressive is that the all the plays are called in fluent English. Not only is it in English, Italians follow the game exactly as us Americans (Hattori). While thinking of Italian culture you instantly think of a nice slice of pizza and a huge helping of pasta.
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