Should Football Players Be Banned?

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American football, a sport where thousands of people gather to watch 22 men out on a field to play a tough, physical game that requires power, strength, speed, and collisions only a football player can survive. Rain or shine, hail or sleet, day or night there will be a game. No matter what mother nature decides football players will be out on that field playing the sport they love and fans will have the excitement as a dog has for its owner when returns home. Football is easily the only sport that can grab your attention for the entire three hours of the game. Weather it is a play that was played, a call that a ref made, the half time show, or even the commercials that are shown it will always have your attention. Football has even became a tradition across the nation that everyone looks forward to every year. For example, thanksgiving football. One of the most exciting day for Americans to play or watch football. Imagine this; playing football with you’re your family and friends, then running into the house to grab a huge plate of thanksgiving treats, and then hanging around the TV to watch football for the rest of the night. Could you say the best day of the year? Many Americans would say so. However, just like every sport football has dangers. Rick, a NFL quarterback in the book Playing for Pizza experiences one of the worst injuries an athlete could have. Some athletes either recover for their injuries or sadly may have to retire from their dream sport
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