Should Genetic Engineering Be Controlled By Law.

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Should genetic engineering be controlled by law By Ezekiel Abbott English IV Honors Mr. Wilson Period 6 March 14, 2017 The government should oversee genetic engineer for the good of the people. Genetic engineering(also called genetic modification) is the process…show more content…
Glow in the dark cats.Glow in the dark cats was created in order to help fight aids. The glow in the dark cat were cats who caught aids.A group of scientist wanted to discover a way to cure aids and we needed a species that caught aids we didn’t use humans but cats. Scientist first start by injecting one cell with a genes cloning from the skin then when results is acceptable they then inject a modified nucleus into an egg cell of the female cat. Then the results was successful the cat were given the ability to beat aids and they glow in the dark. Pollution fighting plant are genetically modified plants and trees the help remove toxins in the atmosphere. For more without much trouble than a decade scientist were wondering what was can we remove toxins in the atmosphere a researcher from a plant biologist of the university of Washington. Scientist then worked of different plant plundering until they found a solution called phytoremediation. Phytoremediation is basically a solar powered pollutant removing system this system has an advantage over other pollutant removing system is its cheaper and easier to use
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