Should Global Superpowers Provide Aid From Corrupt Governments? Essay

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SLIDE 1 Hello, my name is Kenneth Davis Jr. candidate number 208 from Oakleaf High School, center number 218. Today I will be discussing my group’s question, “Should Global Superpowers Provide Aid to Corrupt Governments?” I will be focusing in “Political instability” in corrupt governments. SLIDE 2 Imagine if you were in a country where you constantly, had to scavenge for food, and most nights, you and your family starved. Imagine your stomach rumbling for days, and there was nothing you could do about it. You see your children cry because they are hunger and thirsty, but you try to remain strong for your children’s sake. The countries I will be discussing today have that same recurring problem. They are Mexico, Syria, Somalia, and North Korea SLIDE 3 First you have to ask yourself, what political instability is. Political instability is the likelihood of having demonstrations, forms of violence, workers going on strike or the possibility of a coup d’état (this is an attempt to overthrow the government). It is also measured in terms of whether the government may collapse or not. Open society will also be used along with closed society. Open society is a culture in which there is freedom and tolerance of belief and flexible structure. For example, the United Sates for example. While closed society is the complete opposite. Closed society is a culture in which there is a rigid structure and little freedom or tolerance of belief. Another example would be the Hindu caste system.

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