Should Government Carry Public Access Channels?

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Public access channels emerged in the 1970s as a component of municipal policies that sought to strengthens local controls, and communities’ ability to communicate through the cable system (Fuentes-Bautista, 2013). Municipalities are entitled to provide the funding for PEG access as determined by the law. PEG channels are not mandated by federal laws, instead they are a right given to the designated franchising authority, which it may choose to exercise (FCC). Therefore, the decision whether to require cable operators to carry PEG channels is delegated to the local franchising authority. Franchising authorities may also require cable operators to set aside channel outlets for educational or governmental use on institutional networks (channels …show more content…

Educational: Access channels are utilized by the educational institutions mainly for educational programming purposes. These channels are typically allocate time amongst local schools, colleges, and universities by the cable operator. Educational-access television mainly provide the capacity for schools to train in media and video with programming distributed to students or parents. Other notable educational access programming include the school council/committee meetings produced for local audience.
Government: Access channels are used by the local government (City of Worcester). Similar to most jurisdiction this channel is directly controlled by the local government (Telecommunication Act, FCC 1996). The notable resource of the city to address local municipal program needs, governmental television allows the streaming of city council meetings, election programming, local emergency announcements and other programs valued by the …show more content…

Large communities similar to Worcester often consider having a separate organization for each PEG channel. The structure of PEG channels are designed to be run by grassroots groups, individuals, private non-profits, or government institutions. Because PEG organizations are neutral, PEG channel reserve the right to be inclusive, content neutral and hold a free speech ideology. Users of public access television may also participate at most levels of this structure, with the capacity to make content of their choosing. As public-access television become filled with programming, the designated franchising authority, may offer more television channels in order to satisfy the demands. Public-access organizations are allowed to develop its own policies and procedures concerning the media content of the

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