Should Kids Be On Reality Tv Research Paper

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Kids should have the time to be kids and not be the next big thing on reality television. Children have been on reality television for a very long amount of time, even though it can be fun to be on television the ugly truth from other people can hurt them. When kids are on reality television, they usually get to live a good life, but if some people don't like them, it can impact them in a very big way and they get very emotional and humiliated. Kids are too young to be on reality television because it can cause them to be lazy and too emotional. Kids shouldn’t be on reality television because it can stress them out and they are too young to be on television. Kids should have a blast being young and not have cameras in their face everywhere they go. …show more content…

According to says that the Daily Mail Article says that Kate Gosselin told her daughters, “ You embarrassed mommy,” after they didn't “defend her” During an interview on NBC’s Today Show. This proves that kids shouldn't be on television because they are too young and don't really understand what's happening and could embarrass someone really harshly. According to Kate Gosselin’s daughters were 13 and “haven't been hurt by the drama of reality television...”. This proves that kids don’t know what is going on and get caught in a lot of

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