Should Kids For Your Bug Out Bags?

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17 Must-Haves For Your Bug-Out-Bag

Bug-out bags are a hot topic these day. Even the government seems to have a vital interest. The increase in awareness is a positive thing because bug out gear can actually save your life. Nobody knows when they might need to evacuate their home over some type of emergency. With a but out bag ready to go, you are ready to leave in a flash, knowing that you have all you need in order to survive.

This doesn 't mean that your bug out bag will have everything you want. It 's not like packing a suitcase to go on vacation. It 's a preparation of survival designed to help you get through an emergency situation. When you need to bug out, you want to know that everything in the bag is geared toward your survival.

One of the biggest problems is trying to fit everything into your bug out bag. If you confuse what you want with what you need it could take up a lot of unnecessary space. You have to know the difference between things you 'll need as opposed to 'things you 'd like to take '. Of course, if there is any room left after all the 'needs ' are packed, then by all means, grab something you want.

The 17 Must-Haves

(1). Food. Bug out gear is designed to have survival items to last you for no less than 3 days. That means enough food for 72 hours. It should contain dried foods and not canned foods, they are lighter and much easier to carry.

(2). Water. Nobody can survive without water for very long. You could never carry enough.

(3). Water

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