Should Marijuana Be Banned? Essay

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To begin with marijuana is a natural plant grown in countries outside of the US. However, marijuana known to naturally grow from the earth, which its natural state is a dry leafy flower stem or in medical terms labeled hemp plant or Cannabis Sativa. Next, the active ingredient in marijuana contains mind altering chemicals called THC (9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and other related compounds made, from the cannabis plant. Not to mention, marijuana is the most widespread illegal drug used, in addition to other illicit drugs used in the United States. Also, the increase of marijuana use is high amongst the younger generation and the older generation. Granted, availability is easily accessible because of its low cost and ease of transport, from third world countries directed to the United Sates. For example, marijuana transported and sold like goods in a grocery store. The second, its popularity through research marijuana aids in helping others, with as pain therapy and with healing agents for certain diseases.
In any case, to understand the ‘pros and cons’ of marijuana used for medical purposes for people suffering from pain and disease, the legalization of the drug, the short/ long term effects in the brain, and the increase use among youth and older generation controversy of today. For example, their numerous ways marijuana exchanged or sold, such as medical dispensaries issuing medical marijuana, street corners, or the illegal sale or transport of drugs, by drug dealers.

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