Should Marijuana Be Legal And Illegal Drugs?

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Marijuana is one of the most popularly used drugs in the world, and is growing in popularity every year because of the fact that it has great potential for medical use, is relatively harmless compared to other legal and illegal drugs, and can be used to create practical household items. It is popular with many groups as a recreational drug, but recent research has suggested that marijuana can be very useful in medical applications. It contains chemicals that affect the central nervous system called cannabinoids which, are used to make medicine. Additionally, marijuana has the ability to be used as a medicine by itself. Because of the fact that it could be taken in so many different ways, such as being smoked, eaten, or even drank in tea, it can cater to everyone’s different preferences. Lastly, it can be used to make practical items, and can serve as material for products. Marijuana has a plethora of uses in the medical field. It is used for treating HIV patients who have a loss in their appetite and for those who have eating disorders. As research suggest, Marijuana increases the appetite of its users, which can help those who are severely malnourished as a result of their eating disorders. Marijuana has also been used to treat muscle pains and reduce pressure in the eyes of patients with glaucoma because of its ability to affect the central nervous system and making individuals less receptive to pain. Additionally, It also alters the perception and mood of whoever
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