Should Marijuana Be Legal For Medical Use?

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Imagine you have a crippling headache. A friend hands you a hand-rolled cigarette, and says, "Smoke this, and it will take away your headache, along with any other pain, or nausea. It 's recommended by many doctors because it 's all natural, and has far less adverse side effects than other pain medication. It also makes you feel euphoric." Would you take it? Marijuana buds are the flower of the cannabis plant. They are harvested, and sold - unaltered - to men and women all over Canada and the world, for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The buds are taken, ground up, and either smoked, baked into food, or vapourized in order to affect the minds and bodies of those who benefit from it. In Canada, there is federal legislation …show more content…

Ten minutes after smoking the joint, Myrden was "singing along with the radio and making [her] bed for the first time in a week!" She felt no pain for the first time in a long time. Stories like Alison 's are not uncommon, because marijuana helps treat more than just pain. Marijuana elevates nausea in chemotherapy patients - and anyone else with a stomachache, for that matter. It is also used for inducing appetite in recovering anorexic and bulimics, among others. In Canada, marijuana is used to elevate symptoms from a range of ailments including, among other things Cancer, AIDS/HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, Seizure Disorder, Bowel Disorders, Premenstrual Syndrome, Glaucoma, Muscular Dystrophy, Hepatitis, spinal cord injury, arthritis, and chronic pain. Marijuana is recommended by many doctors because it is far less addictive, and much more benign than conventional drugs used to treat the same ailments, such as morphine. It is even safer than Aspirin. The therapeutic ratio of a drug is the ratio between its effective dose, and its lethal dose. Aspirin 's therapeutic ratio is 1:20, meaning if the proper dose is 2 tablets, taking 40 tablets would either kill a person, or seriously damage his digestive system. On the other hand, marijuana 's therapeutic ratio is impossible to quantify because it is so high. Obviously, marijuana helps many people every day to live happier, more normal lives. It aids people to cope with and get through their diseases,

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