Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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Before its prohibition, marijuana was a common ingredient found in different medicinal products. The drug was commercialized in the liquid form of hashish in most pharmaceutical stores across America. However, it was not until the early twentieth century that several states passed laws prohibiting the plant; at the time the case was not controversial and had little public outcry. Back then marijuana smoking was mostly performed by the lower class and immigrants, mainly of Mexican origin. Therefore, the association between the use of marijuana with violence and crime was not born with evidence, but rather by association made through the media that portrayed marijuana as a dangerous drug comparable to narcotics and opiates that were of greater popularity at the time. Since there was little distinction among illicit drugs—such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana—they were all thought to be addictive, dangerous, and scary. By the 1960’s the demographics between marijuana users shifted from lower class immigrants to college students. This change only showcased the lack of proof regarding the harms of weed since most smokers had no negative effects from using the drug. And the mild effects of intoxication were rather pleasant. Despite the growing consensus that marijuana was not a dangerous drug, during the early 1970’s president Richard Nixon decided to take a stance against marijuana use by deeming it a “law and order” issue and referring to it as a “getaway drug”. Attitudes like

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