Should Medical Marijuana Be Decriminalized?

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Should Medical Marijuana be Decriminalized? Currently, marijuana is legal in 25 states and the District of Columbia. Although many people do not see the positive outcomes that medical marijuana can bring, it should not be a crime because it can help others. Most of the time, when the word marijuana is used people think of the drug that many abuse illegally, but there is more to marijuana than just being an illegal drug. Medical marijuana can help others who need relief from pain caused by physical illnesses, and it can also help many that struggle with anxiety and insomnia. This drug is often frowned down upon when in reality it should be researched further to see if it can be beneficial in helping people. Medical marijuana should be decriminalized because it aides in helping patients with cancer, epilepsy, insomnia, and anxiety, because it helps with these factors there shall be a federal law that regulates the use of medical marijuana. Although medical marijuana can help people feel better, it also can be a harm to others. In the United States, medical marijuana is illegal in half the states. It is illegal because of the toxins that can cause severe long-term effects to others. According to Vargo, “A more recently identified effect of long-term marijuana use is paradoxical hyperemesis syndrome, in which individuals experience nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. They obtain relief with hot showers or bath” (41).This quote explains that medical marijuana can harm others

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