Should Mobile Phones Improve Our Lives?

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“CANADIANS”, IN THE NEW PHONES TECHNOLOGY AGE. INTRODUCTION: Canadians of all of ages wake up to the new Advantages of the technology, it is impossible Close the eyes to the continue progress of science. Mobile phones are really very important in our Lives that we cannot think our life without them. It is long-range, portable electronic they are equipped with The high-end features and specifications that it really makes us feel great in having them in our hands. They have completely intruded in our lives and are now very close to our hearts. The mobiles phones have become crucial part of our life. As everyone knows a mobile phone can make life easier in many ways there are many advantages of having a cell phone in my Live. When we Think over the advantage of a cellular phone in comparison to the old rigid telephones, we Can say that the greatest advantage of the Cellular phone is that it can be used anywhere, Any time. One cannot deny the change in life with the Change of time Students can also connect with friends, But not just because it’s a fun thing to do; I am Single mother and for me it is important, that My child 13 years old. Has his own phone for safety reasons; in my case, the success of shooting events on The USA at the schools, colleges and movie Teathers. Has been though about of the Importance of the mobile phones where Parents can check their sons. We live in a Peaceful country but we never know if a day could happen here. Canadians are being addicts to the
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