Should Parents Should Be Mandatory Vaccinations For Children?

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The debate over whether or not parents should be able to refuse vaccinations for their children has become extremely heated during recent years due to reports of vaccinations being linked to Autism and other developmental and learning disabilities (autism, ADD, ADHD). Currently, there is no federal mandate for vaccination of children. However, each of the 50 states require that all children are vaccinated in order to attend public school. While some states provide exemptions from vaccinations for religious and medical reasons, many parents who refuse to vaccinate their children do not meet these criteria for exemption. Parents on the opposing side of this argument believe that due to research linking vaccinations with autism, A.D.H.D, and A.D.D. that children are better off avoiding these detrimental side effect by allowing their immune systems to fight off viruses naturally. Parents who see vaccines from this viewpoint believe that the harm caused by exposing their children to the questionable components of vaccines is greater than the possible risk of the infection. However, the proponents in this argument see things from a different angle. Proponents view unvaccinated children as risks to the rest of the population as they may spread the infection to others without ever becoming infected. Pro-vaccine parents view vaccinations as life changing medical advancements that have eradicated countless possible cases of infection, and saved just as many lives. While they
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