Should Power Be A High Risk Venture?

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When is the use of power acceptable? When is not acceptable to use the power in the workplace. What are some of the results to power that are unattended and why is utilizing power considered to be a high risk venture. These are some are the topics that going to be discussed in this paper. First the use of power can be beneficial when utilized for the right reasons and for the good of your customers. When using your power always remember to think about the use of your power and know when you are going to use your power. This is the task that is the most daunting knowing exactly when to exert your power and plan ahead of time the moment and how your power will be utilized in that moment. The use of power is acceptable when you are benefiting your patients to provide better quality of care and for the care provided to become more efficient. Power can also be used when your organization has come to a standstill about a decision needing to be made and push certain individuals that are stakeholders in the direction of the best decision for the organization. Using power can also save time in instances where a crucial decision is needed in a timely manner. There is always a time and place to exert your power knowing the right moment is crucial in these decisions (Burns and Bradley and Weiner, 2011). Second the use of power is unacceptable when there is a selfish agenda behind the use. When you are masking the real reason that your power was utilized within the
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