Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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In the United States, prostitution is outlawed in 49 out of the 50 states. Although many people have debated that prostitution is immoral and life-threatening occupation, the basic assumption that outlawing prostitution is adequate to discourage individuals from trading sex is not well established. In the recent past, the federal government has come up with various interventions on prostitution, majority of which are laws related to sex work. Notwithstanding most Americans according to the fact that the polices against sex work are unbearable and in spite of many calls having been made to adjust the existing prostitution laws, the legislators have been unable to come up with the best way to handle the matter of prostitution. The main…show more content…
Besides, it was also indicated that she was involved in money laundering that was concealed in her prostitution business (Fleiss Hollywood Madam). After she was arrested in 1995, she was jailed for three years. However, her sentence resulted into a huge argumentation about prostitution laws. Particularly, many people believed that the three-year incarceration was a little too heavy. While calls have been for legalization of sex trade in California, they have been hindered by public health concerns of the sex workers. Lamentably though, the federal government and state governments, except for the state of Nevada, are yet to come up any legislative solution on prostitutions. Thus despite these calls and advocacy, sex trade remains a crime in California. With the raising numbers of missing or murdered prostitutes in California, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and other damages committed on sex workers, the majority of the opinions have been that there is need for the state of California to act in time and protect prostitutes. Sex work has been depicted as the oldest profession. This means that the exchange of sex for money has been in existence for long, and will continue to be in existence. Thus for the majority of the people, sex works and sex industry is conceived morally wrong and should not be allowed to escalate. In various ways, this has been the idea behind
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