Should Prostitution Be Legalized in Pakistan? Essay examples

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Should prostitution be legalized in Pakistan?

Ever since the emergence of humans on the face of this planet, there has been a continuous discussion between business and ethics. Prostitution, the oldest profession, now – a – days, is directly linked with ethics but it is a profession rather than an ethical norm. It has been present in our society for a long time and the question of its legalization is messing with the minds of many people ever since it started. In order to critically analyze this question, one should be aware of what actually prostitution is. According to the oxford dictionary, the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment is called prostitution. It has become one of the most
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In order to cope up with the increased unemployment rate people will prefer this profession. Prostitutes operating on the streets, earn between 2000 a day and 40,000 rupees per day, whereas call girls make 5000-100,000 Pakistani rupees. Already Pakistan has high illiteracy rate, if prostitution will be legalize then illiteracy rate will increase further and Pakistan would lose its International image. According to a research, the literacy rate in Pakistan is only 56%, and it includes even those people who can only write their names. Pakistan ranks at 113th position among 120 countries, which is an international embarrassment. If prostitution will be legalized More and more people will adopt prostitution and will even urge their daughters and females to become a sex worker. Even now when it is not legalized people force their wives and daughters to become a prostitute, many cases exist in the past in which the husbands or the fathers threw their daughters and wives in the brothels. A report describes the forced women prostitution, women and girls are sold into marriages, in some cases their new “husbands” move them across land borders and force them into prostitution in Iran and Afghanistan. Another report says, in February 06, 2006 many smuggled minor girls from Pakistan are forced into prostitution in Middle East in an organized crime. Most of the victims are between the age of 11 to 13 and are smuggled to Arab

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