Should Public High School Be Taught?

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Public high schools known today vary greatly from their original predecessor. Attending high school is now a requirement for all children up until 16-18 depending on the state. When free public high school originally started, public did not mean for everyone. Students who were considered to be “the choicest youth” (Reese 165). Admittance to high school was treated then as college admittance is treated now.
Free public high school was created to give the lower class citizens a way to move up in society. It was to believe if someone was accepted and worked hard in school he or she would be successful in life (Reese XVII). However, these tests were grueling and required high level thinking. This high level thinking would be easier to have if the student had the opportunity to focus in school prior to taking the test. Some did not have the luxury. School was seen as an opportunity to learn and grow but schools took it upon themselves to enforce morals on the students. The sense of what is right and wrong appeared in the examinations questions. Therefore, whoever shared these morals had an easier time with the test. This would then encourage the high school to continue with the practice since it was these students who graduated and were treated with all society had to offer with a higher education.
When it came to attendance students were constantly being told about “Lazy Bill” (Reese 182). Attendance was so important it could impact scholarship opportunities (Reese 186). How a

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