Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized?

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“This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united as one” (Genesis 2:24). Marriage is a covenant made between a man and a women. A promise they vow to never break. Today the world is filled with sin such as prostitution, sexual violence, premarital sex, and lust. God created sex to be enjoyed by a husband and wife. Just as God created marriage to be a vow between a man and a women. Same sex marriage denies a child the chance to have a mother or father, it violates natural laws, and if we allow same sex marriage to become glorified what will our world become? When people accept same sex marriage they are going against God and nature.
Could you imagine your child coming home and wondering why everyone else has a mommy and daddy except them? In today 's society same sex marriage is looked at as normal, but their is nothing normal about it. Children who grow up in same sex homes miss out on either a mother or a father. Mothers are known to be compassion and nurturing when a father is looked at to be the man in the house that provides, and is the backbone of the family. A father 's guidance on a young man is something that you can not just read out of a book. The father teaches him how to raise his family how to be respectful and provide. Yes, it is rather outdated to say that women just should not work; however, women should not be the only provider in a family the father should be the one providing. When thinking of a

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