Should Schools Keep Junk Food

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Keep junk foods in school cafeterias The controversial topic of childhood obesity has been going on for a long time and because of it, many schools are debating if they should ban junk food from school cafeterias or not. There are many opinions on what step should be taken to solve this problem. Some say too ban junk food and some say it should not be banned. It should be up to the kids and the parents as too what kids eat and not the government. By banning junk food in one place doesn’t mean it's going to stop them from eating sugary foods they can get it from another place. One of the reasons why junk food should not be banned from school cafeteria is because the cafeteria isn’t the only source kids have too unhealthy foods. Kids in school can go just around the block to the gas station or minimart and buy all sorts of junk foods, probably even more than what they can buy in school from vending machines and the lunch lines combined. Like Rosenthal said, “at some open-campus schools have made it a practice to walk to nearby mini-marts and gas stations to buy the same products they used to purchase in the vending machines” (9). This quote tells us that campuses have made it easier for students to go out during school and or afterschool to purchase the junk food they want. A school administration recently did an experiment to see if students could purchase individual food and beverage items, either from vending machines, school store, canteen, snack bar or a la carte

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