Should Smoking Be Public Places?

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Will smoking be convenient in your life? Smoking is the rubbish commodity to buy, sell and to utilize it. Smoking nowadays is creating obstacles to non-smokers and in general pollution to the environment. Some people are habituated to smoking and is now have become a far- reaching issue. Due to smoking it will generate complications in the future. Smoking should be banned in public places. This includes it harms people nearby smokers, causes litter and people can be affected with long-term disease.
When smoking it harms people nearby also, it refers to secondhand smoking. Secondhand smoking impacts the environment and on people. It does create a tremendous issue due to some people do not like the odor of smoke and get irritated. …show more content…

The majority of people has regretted smoking and some serious situations have led to a fiasco. Addiction is the worst thing to be caught at. It will not display its results in the beginning, but gradually the more you smoke high-level of uncertainty in the future. The more people wait to quit their addiction, it will create problems to extricate from that condition. Smoking does harm the environment in several different ways. This can pollute the air and cause a havoc for people residing in specific communities. Smoking does create a poor environment and affect our biodiversity. The cigarette manufacturing process does damage the environment massively. The environment is getting ruined by the tobacco industry. “Tobacco poses a major challenge, not just to health, but also to environmental sustainability”(Nathan Green, November 27, 2013). There are tobacco fields that are planted in rainforests and can lead to disastrous deforestation. This could lead to few amounts of plants and can kill animals. Furthermore, cigarette butts cause plenty amount of litter on the ground. Cigarette butts are not biodegradable also, can dirty and pollute the ecosystem. Cigarette butts pose a threat to wildlife. Plastic pieces are found in animal’s stomach who underestimate them for food. It is dangerous to animals and will hurt them. In addition, it is time consuming for employees to pick the litter on the

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