Should Standardized Testing Be Required Essay

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Standardized tests should not be required because of all the time preparing for it, could just be spent on teaching more on what the grade level requires. Students begin to receive extra help when it comes to the time preparing for these test, it just starts to get them unhappy and dislike school. Standardized tests should not be required because it an extra item in school that requires more time to be prepared for and does not relate to the school, so teachers are not permitted to help a student in need.
Why more standardized test won’t improve education. Having to focus more on passing a grade than the education learning is not going to help on improving education. “Test scores are used to bar students from moving one grade to another, to determine teacher and administrator pay, and to label schools as failing, a step that often leads to closure” (“Why” 1). Standardized tests seem
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Standardized tests do not really show students abilities when it comes to a subject, it just shows if they can pass it or not. “Standardized tests are unnecessary because they rarely show what we don't already know. Ask any teacher and she can tell you which students can read and write” (Jourlies 2). A student, when it comes to a test, can take a test and get a good grade on it, it does not show whether they gave it their best or just did not. If anyone can see good results, they automatically see if a school is on track. “We could publish the results of these performance tasks, and the public would have a good idea of what we're good at and what we're not” (Jourlies 8). It would be helpful for a public to see on what a school has, it also can wake up the school and start to lead the student on a focus of what was not accomplished. It is not necessary to have tests that can show something that is not always going to be true to what it seems, others can see what is shown on a result, but at the same time do not know where it has gone
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