Should Start School For High School Start Later?

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Skylar Newton

Ms. Fowler

English 4

01 December 2017

In the United States, high school students have complained about not getting enough sleep, being late to school, and not learning for generations. Sleep is viewed as a luxury that active students often don’t have the time for, however, getting enough sleep is a necessity, and is as important as eating healthy and exercising. Most high school students are sleep deprived and have a high tardy/truancy rate, simply because school start times are too early. It is for these reasons that the start time of school for secondary students and younger should start considerably later.

Almost about a hundred or so years ago, schools and businesses started around 9 in the morning. Many schools changed their start times and made them earlier in the 1970s and 1980s. Back then people didn’t truly understand the significance of sleep for a minor enrolled in school, and because it costed less for transportation if the schools did start earlier, they were persuaded. Schools in the surrounding area changed their start times as well, even if they didn’t use buses, because they could easily sync their after school activities with other schools. Because of this, many high school students had to start class much earlier than many of their parents would go to work. A whole community's rhythms changes when the start of public schools begins to change as well. The term “after school” applies for about four hours after the end of a normal
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