Should Teachers Grow In Pay Essay

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The moment a child enters the world is a miracle. Birth is a gift from God, and nothing is ever the same after parents experience the unconditional love for their child. Parents have an innate desire to protect their children and offer them the best chance for success in life. The process of giving a child a bright future starts with a proper education. Public school is subsidized by the government and considered a right afforded to all Americans. Teachers are the backbone of the education our children receive within the public school system. With so much importance placed on the role of teachers, it is curious that an evident wage gap exists for educators in America. Teachers are underpaid and drastic measures must be taken in order to pave the way for changes in pay. Public school teachers have the right to strike for better employment benefits.
Public school teachers are undervalued and underappreciated in American society, and their constitutional rights to strike must be honored. When nurses or factory workers are unpleased with their working conditions or wage compensation, they strike for change. Freedoms of speech and the rights to strike are constitutional rights and must apply to all Americans …show more content…

Every lesson taught is important, however, teachers will not be heard unless drastic action is taken to compensate their wage gap. The recent appeals to the Hawaiian legislature to raise wages by $20,000 annually have fallen on deaf ears. Congressman Doll was seen leaving a meeting with three teachers laughing and gawking (Smith 4). It is evident that unless teachers strike, they will not fairly be compensated for the valuable lessons they instill in our children. The only way that the government will take these teacher’s claims seriously is for teachers and Americans to band together and speak out to demand

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