Should Teachers' Pay Be Tied to Student Achievement?

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Should teacher pay be tied to student achievement? Q1. To what extent are Michelle Rhee's changes consistent with the practical lessons derived from equity theory? Equity theory is based upon the philosophy that "employees become de-motivated, both in relation to their job and their employer, if they feel as though their inputs are greater than the outputs" (Adam's equity theory, 2011, Mind Tools). Rhee's plan rewards teachers based upon how much they invest into their profession, as measured by performance reviews. Previously, many highly motivated teachers may have felt that it was unfair that they received less or the same amount of money as educators who invested very little time and effort into teaching. The Washington DC school system was failing, according to standardized test scores, yet 95% of the school system's teachers were evaluated as excellent, suggesting that there was no real attempt to critically evaluate their real performance. Under the previous administration, there was no incentive to maximize one's personal input into teaching. Now, good teachers who can prove their excellence receive more money, regardless of their level of seniority, while teachers with poor performance ratings are punished or let go. The standards used to judge teachers strive to be objective, so teachers do not feel as if they are being subjectively judged, based upon the unfair whims of supervisors (which can also circumvent attempts to inspire teachers to strive to reach
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